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Siyasizwe Cleaning Services is an established family owned business. Our Professional image is to strive and maintain an honest service, to obtain and give our Utmost High Quality Service with good ethics.

Customer focus is always maintained!!
Our staff have all received a criminal record clearance and undergone regular risk assessments to ensure that on going honest and reliability is met at all times.  

Our comprehensive focus and quality of our service's refers to the following ethics:

1. We are customer driven
2. Customer satisfaction through quality 
3. Success through personal dedication and professionalism of our team members.
4. Our environment attracts and retains the highest quality of our team.
5. Our services are flexible, quick and efficient.
6. We respect our customer's possessions and time, as time is money.

Our Client relationship is based on the following:

1. Integrity
2. Trust with transparency
3. Respect
4. Commitment
5. Understanding
6. Leadership
7. Passion
8. Innovation
9. Flexibility
10. Excellence



Our Vision and Mission:
It's our Vision to exceed our client's requirements by excelling in providing responsive, reliable and innovative services.

It's our Mission to deliver world class cleaning services and in which to exceed all our client's expectations relating to professionalism, reliability, integrity and most of all on time service delivery and quality.